Some of Our Clients

Dave Partners identifies and recruits the best talent for your high growth company, fast

The backbone of every great company is its people. Today, more than ever before, top talent is the driving force for growth in the knowledge economy. Cities across the country are attracting innovative minds looking to take advantage of the exploding tech industry, and a strong team will be your foundation for success.

As one of New York City’s most trusted executive search firms, Dave Partners has worked with the East Coast’s fastest-growing companies and is an integral part of the city’s tech industry. No matter what stage your company is in, we will partner with you to fully understand your needs and produce outstanding results. Our expansive network and experience will help you secure the right people, from CEO to entry-level engineers.


What people are saying

"I run a rapidly-growing startup (Series B, 30 employees). I have generally done recruiting on my own—scouring LinkedIn, networking, etc.—all with the general belief that recruiters would be of no help given my incredibly high standards. 

Dave Partners has been the profound exception to the rule; they've helped me find and hire some of my very best engineers. They check all the boxes—no crappy resumes, no excessive intrusion on my recruiting work flow, total responsiveness to my busy schedule, rapid revision of requirements for positions as I come to understand exactly what I'm looking through in the recruiting process, and effective support as I try to close the best people. My only hesitancy in writing this is that I don't want anyone else working with them because my candidate stream is so good."

"Dave Partners has been an integral partner with Tumblr since day one. They treat candidates well and have an insider’s knowledge of industries—especially the NY Tech scene. Definitely would recommend working with them."

"Dave Partners has done a great job in helping us determining our exact needs regarding roles and in getting great candidates in to meet with us.   Building a quality team is always a challenge but they make it a little easier!” 

"Dave Partners helped us fill a tough developer role with a great engineer."

Dave Partners has excellent opportunities to present to candidates, and every interaction with employees was consistently professional, personable, and solution-oriented. I have been very happy with my interactions with everyone at Dave Partners and actively recommend them.